Shocking 1940s Pop Culture Trends


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Hello lovelies, here are the most shocking pop-culture trends from the 1940s.

Popular Movies
Citizen Kane (1941)
Casablanca (1942)
Double Indemnity (1944)
It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)
The Lost Weekend (1945)

Famous 1940s movie stars
Laurence Olivier
Cary Grant
James Stewart
Henry Fonda
Vivien Leigh
Vivien Leigh
Ginger Rogers
Hedy Lamarr
Veronica Lake
Popular Music
Bing Crosby was the leading figure of the crooner sound and its most iconic, defining artist. By the 1940s, he was an entertainment superstar who mastered all of the day’s major media formats, movies, radio, and recorded music.
1940s candy
Popular 1940s Food
The second World War ended in 1945, so people needed to ration supplies and substitute for pricier ingredients. Even if you had the money, you might not get the items you wanted from the market. Consequently, individual meals were improvised, and a little had to go a long way. People got creative, though. And foods from the 1940s turned out to be unique and innovative.
Here are a few of the most popular foods from the 1940s.
Jell-O Salad
Potato And Hot Dog Salad
Betty Crocker’s Cake Mix
Concentrated Orange Juice
1940s inventions
The Color Television
Microwave Oven
The Jukebox
Popular Perfumes
Elsa Schiapirelli Socking
Carven’s Ma Griffe
1940s Beauty products

1940s makeup is one of the most “vintage” looks and relatively simple to recreate. There was a push for all things natural, unlike the 1930s and 1950s, which favoured reshaping eyebrows and contouring the face.
During the war, European women dealt with massive cosmetics shortages, as petroleum and alcohol – some of the main ingredients in makeup– were used for the war effort. When makeup ran out, women turned to home remedies to substitute, such as using beetroot juice to stain lips and petroleum jelly to darken lashes and shape eyebrows.

In the United States, cosmetics continued to be manufactured throughout the war and were seen by the government as a morale booster for busy women. Women were encouraged to wear makeup to hide the sadness and attract men, even while at work. Athletes even wore makeup. Colour films had a significant impact on the market, as women could now imitate the shades worn by Hollywood starlets. By 1948, between 80 and 90 percent of women wore lipstick, two-thirds wore rouge, and a quarter wore eye makeup.

In the 1940s, women’s makeup was a huge industry, with brands such as Coty and Tangee notably becoming major rivals to cosmetic brand leaders like Max Factor, Helena Rubinstein, Maybelline, Elisabeth Arden and Dorothy Gray. Not even another world war was going to halt the advance of Fashion in the 1940s.

Popular 1940s Fashion
If a woman was not naturally an hourglass shape, the clothes were designed to help her achieve the look. Being put together, cheerful, and practical was the job of women during WWII. 1940s fashion accessories such as hats, gloves, handbags, and jewelry completed an outfit, while natural makeup with bright red lips painted a happy face during difficult times.

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