Saturday Surfing, August 21, 2021!


Hi, friend. I’m in the throes of a much-needed self-care Saturday! I’ve had A WEEK — bold, all-caps. The lead up to the first day of kindergarten was busy with last-minute tasks like buying new shoes and white socks, wrapping up summer swimming lessons and labeling practically everything under the sun, and on top of all that, I’ve been feeling and processing so many intense emotions. I desperately need to just slow down and take care of my body and mind for a little bit.

I started the weekend with a much-needed haircut! I haven’t had one since last February, and my mane had gotten to the point where it felt heavy and was giving me headaches again, so I went back to the gal who cut my hair last time around, Ariana, and hoped for some more mane magic.

Ariana is absolutely lovely and talented at her craft, so if you ever find yourself in Marin County and want somebody friendly who knows hair, go see her!

I told her I was going for big ’90s-style Cindy Crawford supermodel hair with a Disney villain spin, and she and her razor worked their magic into this voluminous cut with lots of layers.

Don’t even ask me how many people gave me side-eye as I was taking selfies in my car right after my haircut. The salon’s in a busy area in San Anselmo, and there are coffee shops and bakeries all around (including a gluten-free one that makes GF cinnamon rolls, WHAT), and so there are always people all up your booty when you look like you’re about to drive out of your space. Whatever, I was there, and I hadn’t used up my two free hours, so it was selfie time!

One interesting thing I’ve noticed about grays is lighting makes a huge difference in how much of the gray will peek through, especially in pics. In outdoor natural lighting like this, when it’s overcast outside, the grays will really pop, almost like highlights. Ariana said that she thought the silver gave my look more of an edge, and I have to kind of agree with that statement. I’m happily embracing my edgy cool girl, even if I wish I was wearing more makeup in this picture. Eh, it is what it is. I woke up late, and all I had time for was a swipe of Urban Decay Cannonball and a touch of Chanel Brow Pencil. You know how it goes sometimes.

While I was sitting in Ariana’s chair, I people-watched and noticed some clients sitting in silence. Some were reading, and some, like me, were chatting it up with their stylists. What camp do you fall into when you get your hair cut? Team Silent or Team Chatty? I think you know where I stand, ha. And — guess what? — my need to talk to everyone under the sun has intensified over the last two years. I was pretty outgoing before, but now when I talk to people, I’m hella extra about it! Trust me, before I leave you, I will find out your entire life story. It’s almost extreme now, my need to connect with people on any sort of level.

Anywho, Ariana and I both have kids in elementary school, and we got to chatting about kids’ birthday parties. She told me that, pre-pandemic, she threw a “spa day”-themed party for her daughter. Isn’t that cute? I had no idea that spa birthday parties for kids were even a thing. She said that she found all of these cute pink spa robes for the girls, and she set up different do-it-yourself spa stations, where they made things like homemade body scrubs with sugar, and homemade masks. I’m definitely bookmarking the idea for the future!

We also talked at length about Disneyland, too, and both lamented about how challenging it is to look cute at Disneyland, and how it’s exceptionally challenging when you’re momm-ing, and/or you’re a woman of a certain age, because it’s super hot, you’re carrying loads of kid crap, your feet hurt, so you’re wearing hideously massive lunch lady tennis shoes, and then your thighs are all chafed from walking around all day, etc., etc.

I’ve yet to bring Connor to Disneyland, and I’m already wondering what frenzy I’m going to whip myself into thinking about shoes with enough arch support to survive the entire day!

I’m back at home now and ready to spend the rest of my day doing a whole lotta nothing, which means watching (please don’t judge me) reruns of The Hills season two, which is when Spencer gets into the mix.

I know, I know. I just need something to turn my brain off, man! By the way, I only recently found out the answer to one of the biggest mysteries of The Hillswhat happened to Bella the dog, Heidi’s Christmas present in season one. You’re welcome.

We’ll also go for a walk sometime, since the pink ladies are blooming here, and I want to see as many of them as I can before they disappear.

Big hug, and I’ll see ya soon.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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