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it’s been a while since i made a video about disney princesses and decided to take some of your comments into consideration for this one! in today’s video we’re going to be ranking/comparing different adaptations of snow white, from the 1937 disney classic to more recent films like mirror mirror or red shoes and the seven dwarfs. unlike the cinderella version we won’t be looking at a single dress, but the adaptations as a whole. which snow white film is your favorite?

intro 0:00
snow white and the seven dwarfs 1:07
happily ever after 7:22
snow white a tale of terror 11:05
snow white: the fairest of them all 14:42
sydney white 17:32
once upon a time 22:34
mirror mirror 24:57
snow white and the huntsman 29:33
red shoes and the seven dwarfs 32:16
the rankings 35:27

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intro/outro by
nicole w.b

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