Moniece Slaughter Speaks On Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood, Rich Dollaz & Lil Fizz, Akon + More!


Moniece Slaughter says she’s all about being naked these days and in an exclusive interview with Vault of 1520 she bares it all.

“It’s fucking vicious out there. In a city, in a fake town where everybody is walking around with fake asses and fake boobs and fake hair and fake noses and fake lips and shit like that, I just wanted to make sure that I was comfortable with who I am so I wouldn’t get caught up in that lifestyle again. That was my life and it cost me a lot of money. It got me an eviction and a repo and some more shit.”

The LHH: Hollywood star shares with us:
– The fashion trends she loves and hates
– Co-writing with Akon, among others
– Producer Detail slighting her on publishing for past work
– Rich Dollaz & Lil Fizz
– The process of putting together he upcoming EP “Here I Am”
+ More!

Interviewed by: Cherise Nikole (
Shot by: Reuben Chapman (

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