Mario Lopez says a family reality show ‘might be in the works’ | Page Six Celebrity News


Is “Access Lopez” coming soon?

“Access Hollywood” host Mario Lopez exclusively told Page Six on Wednesday that his family is weighing their options in the reality TV space.

“It’d be kind of fun to do something with the kids, where maybe they’re more of the focus,” the 47-year-old shared. “There might be something in the works a little later on, but we never say ‘no’ to anything.”

When pressed for details, Lopez demurred: “We can’t really [say] because we don’t really know what’s going on, but we’ll tell you as soon as we can.”

Lopez and his wife, Courtney Mazza, have been married for eight years and share three children: 10-year-old Gia, 7-year-old Dominic, and 2-year-old Santino.

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