Latest Fashion Trends Fall 2021 Winter 2022


Latest Fashion Trends Fall 2021 Winter 2022

Fashion trends Fall 2021 Winter 2022 that caught my eye from various runways of luxury fashion designers. Knowing what is going to be trendy early on can help you figure out what to put in to storage what to look out for during the season sales and what to hunt for in thrift stores what I call smart shopping.

Some fun surprises like the shift of underwear to outerwear was definite favourites of mine, what was your favourite trend?

00:00 Introduction
01:12 Poncho
02:07 Puffer
03:17 Leather
04:32 Strong shoulders
06:09 Oversized Blazer
06:38 Puffy Sleeves
07:59 Rounded
09:57 Fuzzy
12:17 Shearling
12:58 Clear Plastic/Latex/Patent Leather
14:26 Metallic
15:44 2YK
18:38 Cropped jakets
19:51 Resizable
20:26 Bell Bottoms
21:50 Wide Leg Pant
23:01 Fringe
25:32 Second Skin
26:31 Turtle Neck
27:19 Cutouts
29:28 Knits
30:35 Hot Pants
31:21 Sparkle
33:00 Corset
34:30 Sheer
35:38 70’s

Fall Winter Fashion Trends 2020 2021:

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