Justice Department will reportedly let Huawei exec Meng Wanzhou return to China


The Department of Justice has reportedly reached an agreement with Huawei chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou that will let her return home to China. Meng was on behalf of the US for allegedly violating American . She’s been fighting attempts to extradite her to the US.

Meng, who is while , will admit to some improprieties and in return, prosecutors will postpone and eventually drop bank and wire fraud charges, according to and The New York Times. Meng is scheduled to remotely appear at a federal court on Friday afternoon, with the agreement expected to be filed today.

Prosecutors claimed that Meng misled banks in 2013 about Huawei’s connections to Iran. She denied the charges.

Meng’s detainment caused an international incident. Two Canadians were apprehended in China within days of Meng’s arrest. The WSJ reports the deal with Meng could prompt China to release Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig.

Officials from the Trump administration are said to have offered Meng a similar deal last year, but she reportedly refused to admit to any wrongdoing. Biden admin officials reopened the talks in recent weeks, according to reports, and with Meng seemingly seeking a reunion with her family, she may have been more open to a compromise. A judge in Vancouver was expected to rule on Meng’s possible extradition to the US later this year, following almost two years of .

Huawei and its subsidiaries are still , including conspiracy to steal trade secrets and racketeering conspiracy. The company is not said to be part of Meng’s deal and it will reportedly keep fighting the charges.

The US and Huawei have been at loggerheads for several years. American officials have lobbied allies to due to national security concerns, though Huawei has insisted that its equipment is safe. against the company led Google to Huawei , prompting its (which is a ) on phones and tablets.

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