How to Talk About Clothes in English – Spoken English Lesson


In this lesson, you can learn how to talk about clothes and fashion in English. It’s good to talk about clothes in English to improve your small talk and general conversation skills. Tell us what your style is like in the comments! And if we come visit your country, where is the best place to buy clothes?
Can you describe the clothes you like to wear in detail? Do you know how to compliment someone on their style? In this lesson, you’ll learn how to do these things and more.
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1. How to Describe Clothes 0:27
2. Talking About Fit and Style 3:33
3. How to Compliment Someone’s Clothes 6:15
4. Clothing Phrasal Verbs 7:50

This lesson will help you:
– Learn words and phrases to talk about clothes patterns and materials.
– See useful vocabulary to describe fit and style of clothes in English.
– Learn new phrases to compliment others on their clothes in English.
– Improve your vocabulary with useful phrasal verbs to talk about clothes in English.

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