GFF Zaku II HM Black Tristars, GM Quel, MG Lightning Strike, Gundam Hardtack And More [Gundam News]


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This Ain’t The End Of Me by White Comic
8-bitified version of Believe
All footage and pictures used under Fair Use (= please don’t sue me)
Gundam Build Real PV:
00:00 intro
00:11 GFFMC Zaku II HM, Black Tristar Ver.
01:53 Robot Damashii GM Quel Ver. A.N.I.M.E.
03:49 MG Lightning Strike Gundam Ver. RM
04:41 Gundam Converge Plus 2
05:14 Mobile Suit Ensemble Virtue and “Alliance Boosted Man” Set
06:58 NX Edge Style Ex-S Gundam Blue Spitter Ver.
07:52 SD Gundams
08:10 SD Gundam G Generation Crossrays Platinum Edition for Switch and PS4
08:55 Mobile Suit Ensemble 17
09:32 Gundam PC Parts
10:30 Gundam Apparel
12:16 Gundam Emergency Rations
14:35 Gundam X Hello Kitty X Toranoana


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