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Runiís Desire, the timeless vibrant boutique, is aptly named as it represents the dream and desire of its founder and designer Rozina Ahmed Runi ; it stands in contribution of her passion to create beautiful and fashionable South Asian clothing ; to offer the most satisfying and outstanding shopping experience to her customers. Designer Runi has a well stocked and diverse offering that can confidently impress even the most discerning clientele. Designer Runi was born in Chittagong (Bangladesh) and despite her Assamese (Indian) heritage, she has a strong devotion for designing Bangladeshi clothes. While Runi currently resides in New York (U S A), she has travelled to various countries. She did her first course of Fashion Design from BID at Dhaka, in the 1980’s. She took several trainings from Dubai on Fashion Design during her trips. Her wealth of knowledge and creativity reflects the numerous places she has visited, and her designs effortlessly combine to show off this unique flavor. Runi was always a dreamer of fashion, even as a small girl growing up in Chittagong (Bangladesh)



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