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Apex hosting – Best Server Hosting?

The following is a complete analysis of the Apex Hosting platform that includes prices, features and pros, cons and comparisons against similar Minecraft Hosting Platforms:

In this post we will conduct an in-depth look at the various features offered through Apex Hosting, understand whether the prices that offer are reasonable.

Learn the entire review and feature-wise comparison to other platforms to find out whether Apex Server Hosting is the best choice for Minecraft Server Hosting?

Apex Minecraft Hosting is a standout among other companies on the market. This guide will allow you determine whether Apex hosting is worthy of your money.

Apex Hosting Review

An Minecraft server hosts is an organization that acts as a host , or store the Minecraft games for both you as well as other players. If you choose to set up the option of owning your personal Minecraft server, it is essential to decide on a server that you be confident and trust for the best gaming experience.

Benefits of owning an private Minecraft Server

  • You have the option to choose what Minecraft mods you want to install and what not to.
  • Create your own community of gamers, or join with your closest relatives and friends.
  • With your own server you’ll only need to think about rules that impact your community.
  • Your personal Minecraft server could be an excellent teaching tool that can help young minds to make decisions and the behavioral aspects.
  • You can make money from your Minecraft server through in-game advertisements as well as setting up stores on the internet.

With an array of choices to pick between, Apex server hosting is fast gaining ground to claim the title of the most robust Minecraft hosting servers on the market in the present. Apex hosting, with their regular promotions of discounts and special offers, you’ll have an extremely loyal customer clientele of over 100,000 across the world.

It offers users both an hosting server and a domain with a Multicraft feature of cPanel that allows for easy management of your website and a more enjoyable gaming experience.

It also has Minecraft servers in major regions such as South America, North America, Asia, Europe, and Africa. It is now an online hosting service for players who are from over 70 countries around the world.

= Visit Apex Hosting’s official website

FAQs about Minecraft Server Hosting

1.) Are Minecraft free?

Answer: No, Minecraft is an Microsoft licensed game, whose price is dependent on the version of the platform you want. The Windows version currently costs about $29.99 and the PS4 version is around $19.99.

Question #2) Does Apex hosting free?

Answer:No, it charges users a certain amount based on the type of package they want to purchase. It starts at $3.99. However, they offer a 25% discount as an initial deal off discount on sign-up.

Q 3) What is the essential requirements in order to run the Minecraft server?

Answer:Your requirements will depend on the number of users on the server. The greater the number, the larger is your recommended size of RAM. For instance, if there are 10 players, then 1GB RAM would be recommended.

Minimum RequirementHighly Recommended
1 GB Ram2 1 GB RAM
1 CPU Core2 CPU Core

Apex Hosting Features

1.) Domain Names

It is vital to select the domain name when choosing an Minecraft hosting server. The domain you purchase at Apex Server Hosting does have an area code for the area you’re in. It makes it easy for your website to be easily identified since the area code is then followed by the apexmc.co label.

It will become the front that your site is, aiding you in attracting new players and grow the size of your community.

#3) User Interface

If there isn’t a well-designed user interface hosting an Minecraft server is nearly impossible. If a user interface is confusing to use, users may leave it and begin looking for alternative options. The good news is that you don’t need to fret about this using Apex Hosting. It is an efficient website mostly due to its Multicraft tool.

The tool has a feature like cPanel, and permits a smooth administration of users’ interface. Furthermore, its flexibility and minimalistic design make it suitable for almost every application and mods that are available on the market.

#3) Database

The existence of a reliable database is vital to running smoothly Minecraft hosting website. The management and hosting of the game can be in chaos in the event that the database used isn’t sufficient in size. Luckily, Apex server hosting provides exactly what the players require for databases.

The Hosting service gives users access to an extremely robust database system, as it uses the MySQL system as a reference. The licensed rational database system is recognized worldwide to be among the best and reliable open source databases around the world. Based on the plan you select, you’ll can opt for memory up to 4GB when you choose Apex Hosting.

#4) Storage

Like databases, you’ll also have the choice of various storage capacities, based of the sum you’re prepared pay. You have the option of choosing between servers that range from 1GB up to 4GB.

What server you select will ultimately determine the type of service that you will receive. It will also influence other elements like the number of players as well as the capability of the server. If you’re hoping to make the most of this server, we recommend you choose the most expensive pricing plan.

#5) Security

Security is an essential aspect when you host the own Minecraft server, as it demands the extra effort of protecting the privacy of users and their personal information. If you don’t have the right security protocols in place you won’t be able to build your community of gamers.

Apex Hosting’s servers are secured from large and small scale DDoS attacks, thereby ensuring security for users. Apex Hosting takes care of this and offers security measures such as SSL certification to provide the highest level of security of your data and protect it from privacy.

We suggest you go for the best pricing package in case safety is your primary worry, since you’ll be able to set up an account without having to think about it continuously.

#6) Customer Support

Apex Hosting’s 24-hour customer support is possibly the most significant benefit for their customers. Their customer support service is well organized and offers 24/7 live chat. You are able to contact their technical team in case you encounter any difficulties regarding your gaming experience at any time.

We found the service to be extremely amazing. There is no lengthy wait time, and any issues are dealt with promptly so that you can return to playing.

Apex: Pros And Cons

The advantages of Apex Hosting
Raid SSD’s
FTP Access
MySQL Databases
Instant Setup
Continuously reliable uptime
9 Geographical Locations to Opt
Free Subdomain
Automatic Backups
Modpacks are supported by modpacks.
New customers receive a discount on their first purchase.
24 Hour Live Support for Customer Service
Problems with Apex Hosting
Not an IP dedicated to be used.
Lacking advanced features such as VPS dedicated servers
Price that is relatively expensive
It is not made available in Multiple Languages

Apex Server Hosting Prices

The pricing plans Apex Hosting provides depend on how many GB of RAM you need to run your server. This could cause a lot of confusion for users. But, Apex Server Hosting does provide guidance to choose the best price plan for your needs. It is vital to keep in mind that if you plan to install other plugins or Mods you’ll need greater RAM capacity than what you anticipated.

Plan NameSpaceRAMPrice
Basis Servers1 GB1 GB$4.49 First Month
Basic Servers as well as a few Modpacks2 GB2 GB$7.49 First Month
Basic Servers as well as a few Modpacks3 GB3 GB$11.24 First Month
Basic Servers as well as the majority of Modpacks4 GB4 GB$14.99 First Month
Basic Servers as well as the majority of Modpacks5 GB5GB$18.74 First Month
Basic Servers , and all Modpacks6 GB6GB$22.49 First Month
Basic Servers , and all Modpacks7 GB7 GB$26.24 First Month

In addition, you can receive an 5% discount when purchasing a three-month package, or a discount of 10% when you purchase one-year packages.

Apex Hosting Installation

Apex Hosting installation is completely free of the unneeded tasks you’ll discover on other platforms. It provides an automatic and quick installation. In normal circumstances, hosts need several hours to get their activation set up, with Situs Judi Slot Gacor Gampang Menang Terbaru, it takes only minutes before you can have your own real Minecraft hosting server.

The process of installation is as the following:

  1. Select the plan you prefer.
  2. Give us your personal information.
  3. Select the payment method you prefer for you to make payments.
  4. After payment your account is activated and you will be able to begin designing your website.

As we’ve already mentioned it is simple to customize, because of the Multicraft tool that is provided through the host platform.

Apex Hosting Vs . Other Minecraft Hosting Platforms

Apex Vs Hostinger

ProviderApex HostingHostinger
Number of Player1270
Features-99.9 percent Uptime
DDoS Protection
Multicraft Panel
-1-Click Installation
Instant Setup
-99.9 percent Uptime
DDoS Protection
Multicraft Panel
Dual CPU
Instant Setup

Hostinger is thought to be one of the more sought-after hosting platforms. It is the top choice of hosting platform for people who want access with Minecraft hosting servers. Contrary to Apex, Hostinger does provide an exclusive VPS server for users, and thus users will be rewarded with the dedicated resources for hosting Minecraft.

Although Apex Hosting is less expensive, Hostinger simply provides a more powerful server at the cost it charges its clients. But, Agen Slot Online Terbaik dan Terpercaya No 1 does offer clients on a budget with several choices that are affordable, which Hostinger isn’t able to offer.

In addition to the above apart from the above, apart from that, Apex Hosting and Hostinger have an easy installation process, a comprehensive user interfaces, and a comprehensive customer support system to be proud of.

Apex Vs Shockbyte

ProviderApex HostingShockbyte
The number of players1220
Features-99.9 percent Uptime
DDoS Protection
Multicraft Panel
-1-Click Installation
Instant Setup
100 100% Uptime
DDoS Protection
Multicraft Panel
Unlimited SSD
Instant Setup

Shockbyte is an Australian business which has made waves in the gaming industry by renting gaming servers. One of these includes Minecraft.

The main area in which Shockbyte outdoes Apex Server Hosting is in the pricing options it offers. With a price that is a bit lower, Shockbyte offers a server that can accommodate up to 20 users with 1GB RAM. Beyond that each of Apex and Shockbyte provide the same features for their clients.

Why should you choose Apex Server Hosting?

With an uptime that is consistently high and a range of high-end tools, Apex Hosting is one of the most reliable and, in some cases, the most reliable, Minecraft hosting providers available on the market. With over 100,000 registered users you can feel secure that the company has enough credibility behind it that makes it trustworthy.

There are many pricing options to select from and cater to people who have different tastes and budgets. It’s also simple to set up and very easy to use and manage due to the Multicraft feature.

The fact that this service does not have an exclusive VPS server could irk some users out and create an issue should your server grow bigger. For people who can overlook the obvious drawback and desire only an easy and effortless Minecraft hosting, Apex Hosting delivers in the form of a plethora of.


Hosting PlatformApex Hosting
Server AddressWorldwide
CPU Cores1
Charge Time500ms
PriceStarting at $4.49/month
Control PanelMulticraft
WebsiteApex Hosting


Apex Hosting came late in the race, but it can make up for it with its practical features and incredible prices on the Link Slot Gacor. The user interface is easy and attractive, and it provides sufficient storage. Apex provides a dynamic database that you can run your Minecraft server on and is very safe to use.

With an up-time that is consistently high this platform comes with the highest rating. If it adds more features and continues grow, then it’ll be safe to assume it will be the case that Apex hosting will take over the Minecraft Hosting industry in the near future.

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