15 Hollywood Couples With Uncomfortable Age Gaps


Florence Pugh and Zach Braff Aren’t The Only Celebrities With An Extreme Age Difference.
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Age should never be a factor when you’re dating somebody, as long as both parties are consenting adults. At least, that’s what everyone says! But there are some major age gaps that really raise some eyebrows. Some people even find them a bit too uncomfortable for their liking. But that hasn’t stopped a lot of Hollywood celebrities from dating other stars who are either twice their age or in some cases, three times their age!

Some of these celebs are dating people who are old enough to be their mother or father. Others have even gotten hitched and started a family together. It didn’t even matter to them that their significant others were old enough to be their grandparent or grandchild. As far as these Hollywood couples were concerned, public approval wasn’t a requirement to the success of their long-term relationship. They could clearly care less what everyone thinks about who they’re with.

They have plenty of love and respect, two things that are essential when you’re dating someone. But sharing the same goals, being emotionally open, and having plenty of things in common are important too. Without these things, there’s no way these couples would have lasted as long as they have. Their age gaps clearly doesn’t affect the way they feel for each other. And in some instances, the age gap is barely noticeable at all. So yeah, their age difference might be a bit weird, but who cares? Love is love, right?

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